What makes us different?


the owners and the runners!

Hillside Counseling LLC is different.  I started Hillside Counseling in Anchorage, Alaska as a private practice.  My husband, Jeff owned an Allstate agency on "the Hillside" (locals reference to the lower mountainside) in Anchorage. He made room for me and built an office in his suite.  I grew my practice and as clients would discreetly come into the Allstate agency to participate in counseling. 


Here we are in Texas, over a decade later. After moving back to Texas, I did what I do... I started providing therapy as a solo practice. However, I wanted to "DO MORE."  I wanted to make a bigger difference.  So, I asked Jeff to join me at my agency. This time I would make room for him!  He is a great agency manager, but does that make us different? YES!  It matters. He cares. He cares, and, it shows, and it makes a difference for everyone who walks through our doors -- just try it... walk through our door, you'll see!   

the therapists!

We looked long and hard and read hundreds (literally) of resumes and met with dozens (really) over the past year to compile a team of professional licensed mental health professionals who have the experience, knowledge, dedication and compassion to make the difference in people's lives and make the difference at Hillside Counseling!  Every therapist at Hillside is licensed and experienced.  More importantly, every therapist at Hillside Counseling has a passion for helping people, cares about each other, and excels in the field of psychology. At some point we may become a teaching / training facility, but frankly we are dedicated to the people who come in for counseling, help, change, and healing.  That sort of dedication takes experience and a lot of post licensure training. Yes, that is definitely another piece that sets us a part and makes us different


experienced, informed, practiced, knowledgeable, successful, process informed, outcome driven counselors!


Being different to make a difference...


for the slippery slopes of life