"Taylor you really care and it shows!"  That seems to be the message of truth that is repeated back to me.  I do care!  Life is difficult at times and we all need help navigating.  When a potential client calls for help, I have the honor and privilege of hearing what's happening. I then do my best to match the right therapist with the person who wants to come in for counseling. More times than not, I know just who will be the best fit.  In the meantime I am hoping that my open ear is enough help to see them forward to their counseling appointment. 

     If you're struggling or just need a friendly voice or an open ear -- call.  I'll be there on the other end -- working with you to get the help you deserve!

                                      Take care,


Taylor Lazette


Office Administrator

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Making the best fit

Being there for each other!


My name is Taylor Lazette

Hillside Counseling and I came together at a most perfect time. But isn't that just how things go!  At exactly the right time our lives present a new adventure... a right turn!

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