Stuck in a rut...


Same ol' Same ol'?


We all have ups and downs in life and getting stuck can happen before we know it. Whether you are trying to break out of a rut or wanting to get on higher ground to gain clarity, growing and changing is a process that takes awareness and practice – and a little guidance can help a lot.


Professional counseling / therapy can provide that guidance and assistance. We can help you look back to see what might need attention from the past, finding relief in the “here and now,” while listening to what is calling to you on the horizon.


Maybe you are trying to do something different with yourself or a relationship or a job... Perhaps your intuition is letting you know that now is the time to get something done!  Whether it's time to confront past trauma(s), overcome anxiety, make your way through depression, or kick a bad habit... giving time and space to yourself for healing and growth is an investment that can yield great benefits now and in the future.