Couples Counseling                                                Marriage Counseling


​All couples go through difficult times.  We fall in love, commit to one another through marriage or within our own hearts. Life moves so beautifully fluent... until it doesn't.  One day we look up and realize that a small whisper of "something's not quite right" has turned into a screeching cry of "nothing is right!" giving chills - like fingernails on a blackboard... Or, worse, the deafening silence of that given up voice that can no longer find itself.  


We have experience in helping couples work better, heal from old wounds, and increase overall relationship satisfaction through:


  • Learning better Communication

  • Conflict Resolution -- actually learning to work through conflict!

  • Increased Intimacy

  • Trust building and re-building

  • Affair recovery

  • Creating a Relationship Vision

  • Restentment Release -- letting go of past hurt and anger through resolution


Whether your relationship is in crisis, or if you just need a tune up, the benefit of

getting experienced professional help can make a big difference.  


Taking care of your relationship means taking care of your family --

even if it's just the two of you!

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