Rates and Policies of Payment

Initial Intake        $150 - $180


This session has plenty of time built around it to process initial paperwork, get started, and start helping right off the bat, making preliminary plans and goals. Usually lasts over an hour.

Counseling Session   $90 - $125


These sessions usually last about an hour.  Sometimes there are abbreviated sessions which are reduced in time and price, accordingly (as noted above)

Couples Counseling       $120 


These sessions last about an hour.  Sometimes, especially in the beginning when we are trying to get a foothold, the sessions are booked for 1 ½ hours.  Those sessions will be pro-rated based on the above charge. 

e-counseling       $95 - $120


These sessions usually last about an hour.  Sometimes they are abbrievated in time.... and the price is adjusted accordingly.  These sessions are safe, encrypted, convenient and becoming more and more popular!  

Professional Life Coaching      

For information on single sessions and discounted / affordable packages, please click on the link ...



In a nutshell:  If you are using insurance, or an Employee Assistant Benefit Plan, we file claims in-house and your portion of the session will be your co-pay or co-insurance that is applicable according to your plan, plus or minus added services or plan limits.


We offer in network and out of network insurance benefits.  Hillside Counseling’s policy is to check your plan benefits as well as submit for reimbursement, dependent upon your policy.  If you have benefits, we will gladly file the claim in house and your portion of payment will be dependent upon your insurance plan, appointment availability, and coverage limitations and inclusions. HIllside Counseling is committed to accessible care and will do our very best to work with you in all instances.

Flexible Scheduling Options


For your convenience, we have some evening appointments and some Saturdays available. Hopefully, you can give yourselves time to take a look in the mirror.  The flexible appointment schedule has been added as an incentive to allow time for you to reflect and invest in yourself – giving yourself the opportunity to achieve your desired outcome.


Give us a call, let's talk about counseling/ coaching, scheduling, and moving forward with a life that looks a little more like living!

Sliding fee scale is available upon request and space availability.


PAYMENT: Check, cash, debit card and all credit cards accepted at the time of service.