Grief and Loss



Grief is a normal part of loss.  It is the container inside of us that holds what has once been outside of us – a career, a pet, a family constellation, one’s own health, a loved one, etc.  What once was tangible and touchable is (after loss) mostly held within. Our grief container keeps our thoughts, what we feel, how we describe, our behaviors – reflecting what and who we have lost. 


There are models for processing through grief, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross being perhaps the most notable for proposing the 5 stages of grief: denial (disbelief), anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  While an informative model, we now know that processing through grief can be more complicated and messier than that of five stages.



Mourning is our outward expression of our inside grief. It is an important part of the process. Sharing with others and expressing feelings and thoughts with understanding and compassionate people is a healthy part of mourning.  

Counseling is often a helpful way to navigate through grief and mourning. 


Call us and get paired with a therapist who is a good fit to help walk alongside and help you process and move through your grief and loss through healthy mourning.