Cathryn McHenry, MA, LMFT



Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Family & Belonging!
Cathryn McHenry, MA, LMFT, Counseling in Burleson, TX, Virtual Therapy

     Hi, my name is Cathryn McHenry.  I spent the majority of my childhood in California, but moved every few years. I have lived in five states spanning coast to coast, and from 2003 to 2005 I lived aboard the USS Kearsarge. Throughout that time, I became well acquainted with change. When I discharged from the US Navy, I struggled to find my place in the civilian world and felt as if I belonged no where.  Those struggles became the most important and powerful lessons of my life and taught me that people function best within strong support systems. Sometimes we have to create our own!



  • Attachment

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Eating Disorders

  • OCD

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Coping / Emotional Dysregulation

  • Dual Diagnosis (the underlying parts that come with substance abuse and addiction)

  • Addiction Recovery


While the list of issues and diagnoses and classifications of people I can help with is extensive, the most important message is that I FOCUS ON THE WHOLE PERSON. 


Some of the techniques and modalities I use are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gestalt Therapy, Neuroscience and it's role in informing our processing in attachment and trauma.  Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness, and healthy coping skill building. 

    I am excited to meet you and work with you!


     My past has fueled a natural desire to work with people who are struggling to connect and adapt and create a place of belonging for themselves.  We can feel lost and lonely in the most crowded of places.  Sometimes the loneliest place is sitting in the family room with our partner.  We lose touch. We accidentally disconnect. Or, sometimes we accidentally hang on -- trying to find that connection.  I love the opportunity to address the complex dynamics in relationships, very often exploring the relationship you have with yourself!  

   Upon discharge, I knew I wanted to help people and needed the degree and credentials to do it.  I went back to school to pursue my Master’s of Arts in Psychology at Brandman University in Ontario, California. Since then I have worked in several settings offering counseling to diverse ages covering a full spectrum of disorders and difficulties. I am licensed in the state of Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist.