Aramy DenleyMS, LPC




Licensed Professional Counselor

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Time to get help and get better
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Hello! My name is Aramy Denley. 

     And, I am here by way of my own healing road! Taking time out for yourself is often an overwhelming task. Getting help isn’t easy.  I’ve been there. And I know, this is an important step. Sometimes in life we go through painful experiences. We usually try our best to work though that pain alone. Maybe we even have close friends and family who we confide in…but we still may feel alone, disconnected, or misunderstood. We are not designed to heal from pain and emotional injury by ourselves - alone. Having attempted that myself, I managed to only compound that loneliness and pain.



  • Trauma Recovery

  • PTSD

  • Grief & Loss

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Coping / Emotional Dysregulation

  • Dual Diagnosis (the underlying parts that come with substance abuse and addiction)

   There are many tools and modalities that can help on the road to health.  Some of the modalities and tools I use are: EMDR, Mindfulness based CBT, DBT, Gestalt, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.   


  My healing road lit a desire within me to help other who are in need. I consider it a great honor to walk with others – though their pain towards healing and “better.” I work with all the detours that get in our way.  And, I can help you understand that TRAUMA RECOVERY happens one step at a time (and sometimes in leaps, too!)  


  I look forward to walking with you!



Ultimately, professional guidance helped lead my healing. I think I can help lead yours.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Mississippi in 2007. My first job after college was at a residential campus for children with serious emotional and behavioral problems. This job led me to recognize parts of myself and inspired me to further my education. I earned my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2010.